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Ever wondered how that grit bin, bus shelter or 'Slow' signs appeared in your village? Well, problems such as an icy road, getting wet at a bus stop or speeding traffic would have been discussed at a Parish Council meeting and a solution found. Who sits on the Parish Council? Local residents. And it could be you! Elections for members (councillors) for the Parish Council are held every four years. The next election will be in 2019. However, its never too early to think about becoming a councillor or getting involved with your local Parish Council. 

If you have an interest in local affairs and would like to be involved in looking after your village why not consider standing as a parish councillor?

If you are interested please have a look at the following documents and if you decide to stand for election contact Hilton Parish Council clerk. 

How do I become a councillor?
What does a councillor do?
What is a Town and Parish Council?
Important to vote 

There's lots more information on the Dorsetforyou website 

School places
For information about applying for school places please go to the Dorsetforyou website 
For paper application forms telephone: 01305 221060

HIGHWAYS: reporting road defects
Whilst members of the Parish Council can report road defects it would help the District Council gauge the severity and nuisance of the road defect if more people reported potholes, verge erosion, surface erosion, obscured or damaged signage, etc. Priority is given to large, deep pot holes (at least the size of a dinner plate and four inches deep) and of course whether it is on a major or a minor road.

You can help by reporting road defects. Here’s how:

Identify the nature of the defect you want to report, eg pothole, and make sure you know its location as you will need this to report it accurately on a map or by an address. The more accurate you can be about the location and nature of the defect the better. GPS coordinates are ideal but accurate descriptions are good too

  1. To report online: go to Dorset for You (Travel Dorset page) click on the 'Report a new problem' button and follow the steps
  2. To report by telephone: For emergency or urgent reporting call the Highways Office 01305 221020.
    Please try to be clear about the size and location of the defect/hazard. If you can measure a pothole without endangering yourself make a note of how wide and how deep it is and make a note of exactly where it is on the road, in relation to a permanent and obvious landmark, such as a highways sign or gate. If it is too dangerous to make precise measurements try and make a good estimate a pothole of about the size of a dinner plate will get attention. But don’t be tempted to exaggerate as subsequent reports will be ignored.
  3. To report by Email: contact: dorsetdirect@dorset.gov.uk 
    Dorset County Council aims to have a status report on your enquiry within three working days and this should be updated as decisions are made.

    Make sure you take a note of the PEM (the defect number) so that it can be easily identified and make sure you are given a reference number for the report if you telephone.

Flood help line and warden: The Floodline telephone number is 0845 988 1188
To keep in touch with flood risks in your own area and for important local information  go to the Dorsetforyou website or click here.
Any Hilton Parish resident who thinks their property is at risk from flooding can contact the clerk who will put them in touch with the flood warden who can assist with putting a personal flood plan in place and who also holds literature supplied by the Environment Agency which may be of help.

We have been made aware of some additional funding available to support people affected by the recent flooding in addition to that being administered by the District Council. Dorset Community Foundation, (a charity supporting community groups and charities across Dorset), has received £32,500 from the Office for Civil Society to help victims of the recent floods across Dorset. The funding is available for individuals, families, community groups (working with victims of flood damage) and Fisherman. For further information please contact Dorset Community Foundation on 01202 292255.

Remember the 24/7 emergency services number is 101
Using 101 for situations that do not require an immediate police response helps keep 999 available for when there is an emergency.

The Safer Neighbourhood Team comprises: To contact a member of your team: 

Tel: 101   Email: blandfordruralsouth@dorset.pnn.police.uk

    • PC L Goddard, 
    • PC D Mullins, 
    • PS M Chutter, 
    • PC R Barnes, 
    • PC R Mullins

If a crime is in progress or life in danger dial 999


  • Milton Abbas: Catherines Well, Milton Abbas, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 0AT 
    Tel: 01258 880210
  • Milborne St Andrew: 01258 837383
  • Out of hours: NHS 111