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Parish Council - Village News meeting summary


Summary of the meeting of the Parish Council meeting 2nd February 2021 for Ansty, Higher Ansty and Melcombe Bingham and Hilton

Parish Councillors present: Justine McGuiness (chairman), Catherine Langham, Shulla Jaques, Clive Jones, Marion Walbridge and George Sotiriadis

Clerk: David Green (hiltonclerk@gmail.com)

The Parish Council has finalised the mains sewage questionnaire to be delivered to all householders in the Parish. These questionnaires can be returned via ‘ballot boxes’ at the Brewery Farm Shop and in Hilton Church.

Arrangements for the rollout of fibre broadband in Ansty and Higher Ansty have been virtually finalised and the installation will commence shortly. However, completed sign-ups are presently below the minimum level to make the scheme viable in Hilton. If anyone in Hilton is interested in this, please contact myself or Cllr Clive Jones who can provide further information.

Reports of potholes and inadequate repairs in Aller Lane which have been forwarded to Dorset Council.

The issue of litter and the thoughtless disposal of dog waste was discussed. Residents are reminded to properly dispose of litter and dog waste in the bins provided or take it home. Dog waste bags should not be suspended from trees or anywhere else.

The Dorset Local Plan consultation period has commenced, and runs until the 15th March. This plan will shape development of housing and infrastructure in Dorset over the next 17 years, until 2038. Councillors expressed concern in relation to what the plan may mean for development in rural areas, particularly the re-use of agricultural buildings as dwellings.

The Local Plan can be viewed via this link:


The Plan will not be finalised until the autumn of 2021. If you have ideas in relation to how Dorset should develop in the future, please put these forward using the link above.

Please note that these are abridged summary of the meeting, full minutes are available on the Hilton PC website.

THE NEXT MEETING will be at 7 pm on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 by remote conferencing. If members of the public wish to remotely attend meetings, please email the Parish Clerk.

David Green, Parish Clerk (07542 928169) hiltonclerk@gmail.com

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