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Parish Sewerage Survey results

The recent Parish wide survey to gauge interest in approaching Wessex Water to request a formal viability study for connecting the Parish to the mains sewage network has been completed and the results evaluated. Surveys were delivered by hand to 257 properties, and 103 were returned.

Breakdown of results by area:

Hilton - Yes 19 No 14

Melcombe Bingham - Yes 31 No 2

Ansty - Yes 26 No 11

TOTALS: Total Yes - 76 Total No - 27

Overall this represents around a 40% return, with just under 30% of respondents interested in having mains drainage and 10.5% not interested.

The Parish Council has considered the results and drawn these conclusions:

  • The level of response is considered to be low

  • Wessex Water have been contacted to provide an initial view of whether the results show sufficient interest in taking the idea forward - their response has indicated that the distance between villages may be an issue and would make a scheme unviable - Hilton village because of its topography would require a separate system

  • The Parish Council has therefore concluded that there is insufficient community support for the idea and it will not be making an application, which would take considerable additional time and resources.

  • The Parish Council advises that if individuals or groups of residents wish to take the matter forward, they should contact Wessex Water directly:


The Parish Council wishes to thank all those who took the time to participate in the survey.

David Green, Hilton Parish Clerk, hiltonclerk@gmail.com

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