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Smile and Wave!

Friday 8 May is the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

As the UK is still in Lock Down, fighting a different type of war, we can’t have a real parish street party to celebrate - but we can have a virtual one.

Please put up bunting, flags, fairy lights, balloons, ribbons ... anything that you feel would help add to the party spirit. At 3pm, it would be lovely to have a community-wide ‘cuppa’.

I’m asking people to go into their front gardens or onto their closest lane at 3pm, so we can have a virtual tea party while still sticking to the rules on 'social distancing' (really it should be called 'keep your distance', as distance is a noun not a verb ... but hey, what do I know).

Time to smile and wave!

For Friday, I have set up a Zoom for people who would like to join the tea party virtually, for more information please email me jmcguinnessreal@gmail.com.

All the best, Justine

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