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Village Survey

Following a number of pollution incidents across the three villages and the change in sewage regulations, Hilton Parish Council is investigating the possibility and process of connecting our villages to a public sewage system that would be constructed by Wessex Water.

In order for the parish council to consider whether to submit a ‘Section 101A’ application on behalf of the residents, we need to collect information on systems currently used and the interest of property owners to connect to a mains supply, were it to be constructed.

Councillors from Hilton Parish Council have formed a sewerage working group in order to facilitate the collection of the information needed and to consider if there is the desire to submit an application to Wessex Water.

The working group will be distributing a questionnaire to all houses in the villages in February 2021. Please complete and return the questionnaire, so we can make an assessment on how to proceed.

Many thanks in advance,

Sewerage working group

on behalf of Hilton Parish Council.

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